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5 Money Rules For a Successful Retirement

​How can you make your money last over what could be a three-decade – or longer – retirement? AdviceIQ Network member Jim Blankenship, a financial planner at Blankenship Financial Planning in New Berlin, Ill., is an ace at charting these treacherous waters. His advice: Most of you hold at least one retirement plan. Each type of plan differs subtly from others, but most offer deductibility from current income and deferred taxation on growth. To get the most out of them, follow these five rules:

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Does your family business have an end game?

​For family businesses, strategic planning really begins and ends with a single powerful question: Why are you in business? The answer to this question will affect the quality of decision making by business families, as well as the bottom line. Does the family want to secure its prosperity and sustain its wealth over generations? Without a long term plan, things fall apart. Businesses of all sizes are facing immenses technological disruption. The challenge is to adapt with sufficient speed to preserve wealth – which isn’t easy.

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20 of your Tax-Free Savings Account questions answered

​When Jim Flaherty launched the Tax Free Savings Account in the 2008 budget he called it the most important personal finance vehicle since the RRSP. Tuesday it may get even better, if the broadly leaked hints ahead of the federal budget mean a doubling of the annual limit to $11,000. Even if it doesn’t happen, the TFSA is now a big piece of our overall savings strategy. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about TFSAs:

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