Our clients' peace of mind and security is of paramount concern for us.  We live in times of financial crisis, financial scandal and financial fraud.
Listed below are a few examples of how we help protect our clients' interests and ensure their security:

  • The financial firms we work with are multi-billion dollar tier one companies.  It is critical for us to be affiliated with very reputable and fully regulated firms, and who allow us to operate independently so we can serve our clients’ interests.
  • At no time does AJFS ever "hold" your money.  All funds are handled by trustees and custodians.  Typically the trustees and custodians are very large, well known financial institutions.  We give strategic direction only, and your funds are accessible by you at all times.
  • All funds under our advisory are protected by the investment industry insurance programs (Assuris) as well as the professional liability insurance that each of our affiliated companies carries.
  • We structure our fees to be aligned with our clients’ interests.  They are designed to be fair and completely transparent.  There are no hidden costs, or transaction based fees.  We do not accept vendor bonuses or any other type of incentive that could lead to a conflict of interest.

These are just a few examples of the steps we take to ensure our clients’ interests are put first.  To learn more please contact our office to schedule an in-person meeting.
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