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Tax Planning
Explore and review potential income splitting and tax minimization strategies
Insurance & Risk Management
Can be as simple as ensuring outstanding debts are paid on premature death or disability to utilizing insurance vehicles for succession planning. In essence, insurance creates liquidity for heirs, spouses, and business partners avoiding unnecessary sale of assets, funding taxation and a much more efficient transition of assets
Estate Planning
Is essentially getting your affairs in order in the most effective and efficient way while considering factors, such as taxation, liquidity, and legislation. The purpose of estate planning is only to enhance and signify your wishes and desire once you are no longer living. Estate planning is about you and the legacy you wish to leave behind. Allowing your life’s work to serve the desired purpose and benefit decades after…we will help you establish your will and transfer your wealth efficiently to the next generation
Business Solutions
Establish efficiencies within your business. Some of the areas we cover include: tax structures, Group Benefits and commercial banking relationships
Mortgage Refinancing
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Retirement Planning
Is such as a misunderstood and over marketed segment of wealth management. The process of retirement goes beyond just the numbers. It has to do with your overall wellbeing, psychological state of mind and the level at which you still wish to contribute and channel your energies. Whatever you envision retirement to be, our job is not to just make it happen but to enhance your life work and fulfillment.
Grow your wealth in a wide range of accounts: TFSA, RRSP, Spousal RRSP and more … we will walk you through accounts and suitability to match your short and long term needs

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