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“Hi Ahmet - Thank you for your time, expertise and encouragement last night. That was a very helpful meeting and we appreciated you taking the time with us. We value your opinion and are grateful for your financial/lifestyle wisdom over the years.”  JR & PL

"Ahmet, you saved my life! I didn't know what to do with all this money. The banks were losing it all and they didn't explain anything to me. When I asked questions they got upset with me. Then you came along. You answered all of my questions and explained everything to me! I am a slow learner, but I am learning. Thank you. I am so grateful for you, Oh boy am I grateful! I am so glad and thankful that you were referred to me. I don't know what I would have done if I wasn't. Thank you both Ahmet and Mirieta." C.V

"My wife and I have been clients of Ahmet Jakupi for approximately eighteen years and found that he has the highest degree of integrity, and his work ethics are impeccable. Ahmet's knowledge and understanding of the financial world as well as global affairs is outstanding. We have given Ahmet our ultimate trust as he has done very well for us financially. We both feel very fortunate to have a man of this stature looking after our financial affairs." WW & JW

"The breadth and depth of Ahmet's knowledge related to economies around the world, his deep understanding of how these economies impact financial markets and his ability to apply this wisdom managing the financial portfolios of his clients is remarkable. Ahmet's solid business strategy positions him to consistently maximize results for his clients. We spent many years seeking a financial advisor who would put the financial health of his clients first.

Ahmet is that person! Ahmet is the only financial advisor who has earned our respect and confidence. We understand Ahmet's principles and the results prove that he is working for us. Ahmet's philosophy, experience and ethics have given us confidence that his first priority is his clients and their principal. We also have a strong sense of security about our retirement income and we appreciate the reasonable and sustainable growth in our equity.

Ahmet's administration is the best in the business; superior knowledge, professional and readily accessible. We hold Ahmet Jakupi in the highest esteem." WB & GB

"Hi Mirieta: ....I have always had a good relationship with Ahmet. He is great at getting any information I ask of him and always has pointers and advice on how to do things a bit better. You have been a terrific contact to being very thorough in what you do... and of course friendly and very customer oriented. Thanks for all your help." - S.M.

"...It occurred to me that I should have told you, long since, how much you have meant in the shaping of our own lives, as well as the thousands at Camp Tawingo who have benefited, immensely, from your financial genius and guidance. Our 15 years together has yielded such positive results, and peace of mind, for Helen, John, Judy, Pat and me, but also for Mike in helping him to succeed in his endeavours as Camp Director at Tawingo. Our gratitude is profound, especially through the trying economic times we seem to face all too frequently. Helen and I relish the comfort in knowing we are in most capable hands.......YOURS!!!!!" - J.P.

"Ahmet, Thank you very much for making my retirement dream come true. I only imagined living here [Niagara-on-the-Lake]. I couldn't of done this without your help! You organized everything for me from the real estate agent to sell my property in KW, the financing to buy the property up here until my home sold to the great lawyer that made the transaction happen smoothly. I couldn't have done this without your help! Thank you." – F.J.

"Dear Ahmet, Thank you for the flowers they really lifted my spirits on such a cold damp day. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to come out to visit me and thoroughly explain how my investments will work, as well as taking the time to look after our family estate. You don't run into people like you anymore - your honesty and integrity go a long way." – J.L.

"Dear Ahmet, I wanted to write and thank you for your advice and support of the years related to my insurance needs. For both of us, your advice was well proven at the time we decided to divest some of our shares. Thank you and best wishes for the future." – J.W.

"I have known and worked with Ahmet since 1993 preparing many estate and financial plans, and would like to express my belief that Ahmet has always worked and will always work to achieve the best results for his clients. ..I continue to rely on his expertise and personal ethical values to service my family's needs." - D.T.

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